Training Solutions

RDC are market leaders in delivering engaging workshops that develop your organisation and drive performance.  We are an international organisation offering proven experience gained across multiple industries and disciplines.  Our core workshops are designed to help our clients meet their sales target on a regular basis.

Our face to face workshops, coaching, and mentoring programmes offer something for everyone. With unrivaled results and return on investment by delivering proven methodology and techniques developed and updated over the last 25 years in training.

RDC provides training and development, focused on:

  • Relationship Selling
  • Negotiation
  • Target Account Management
  • Large Deal Qualification
  • Sales Team Direction

Sales Target Assurance Planning

Sales Target Assurance Planning (STAP) is the process you must go through in order to create a plan which will allow you to assuredly hit your sales target.  This differs from general Account Planning as all the activity in this process is focused on how you plan to hit your target, from identifying business through to the sales activity you must follow. 

This planning methodology  will help you:

  • Categorise the business you believe you will win and apply different levels of confidence in winning each category
  • Take each component of business which you have a very high level of confidence in winning and assess if there are any parts you should consider to be ‘Contracted But In Jeopardy’
  • Perform some statistical analysis to examine the likelihood of winning the ‘New Business Identified’ by you
  • Quantify the ‘gap’ between the value of business you are expecting to win against your sales target.  We call this “New Business not yet Identified

This analysis will mean you can plan your Goals, Objectives, Strategies, Plans and Actions (GOSPA) for the year, using the RDC Sales Target Assurance Matrix.


Sales Qualification

From large deal qualification to providing a standardised qualification framework for your whole team, our Sales Qualification module focuses on the Total Value Sell ensuring a higher return on your deals.

Our Sales Qualification module will:

  • Introduce the basics of Total Value Selling
  • Enhance the sales skills of Decision Marking Unit analysis and objection handling
  • Identify the 6 key qualification challenge points
  • Ensure consistency of qualification methodology and terminology
  • Provide more robust qualification of prospective opportunities
  • Maintain your Total Value Selling proposition in all deals
  • Create an atmosphere of continual improvement of sales reviews and forecasts



Our Negotiation module utilises RDC’s experience in delivering negotiation training to, and negotiating on behalf of, clients around the world.  Negotiation Techniques examines the important elements of negotiation scenarios and will help you understand:

  • What a negotiation is and why we find ourselves in them
  • How to plan for a negotiation
  • How to build effective proposals
  • How to effectively handle the negotiation in a way that will help you win deals

Our training covers everything from negotiation planning, philosophy and proposal design to how you should engage in negotiation regardless of your profession or objectives.


Sales Management Audit

The Sales Management Audit (SMA) is a process which can be used to evaluate the performance of a management team, sales team or entire sales function (either geographically, area of specialism, by manager they report to etc). 

The SMA:

  • Confirms the areas where you are performing at an industry standard
  • Identifies areas for development across:
  1. Strategic issues such as organisational design
  2. Recruitment and Training
  3. Setting objectives, incentives and rewards
  4. Sales methodology, including planning and forecasting
  5. Administration and support functions

The SMA allows us to report on dimensions that will be useful to managers looking across the whole sales function or simply wishing to look at performance within their own team/department.

Background to SMA:

SMA was developed from the combined experience of RDC delivering sales training at strategic and operational levels for 25 years, and the 30 year experience of a team who have a background in Management Reporting, Audit, Governance and Risk Management.


Hostage to Fortune

Using the experience and knowledge of some of the world’s most successful hostage negotiators, we have recently created this intensive two day skills development workshop. We combined the skills of the World re-knowned Hostage Negotiator, Richard Mullender and the International Commercial Deal Negotiating abilities of Alan McCarthy.

Using case study model deals, extracted from our clients real life pipelines, we create an environment of commercial conflict resolution utilising classroom discussion to develop heightened listening and questioning skills honed in the highly emotionally charged field of kidnap and hostage negotiating. We raise the key Executives ability to identify the values and beliefs raised in Commercial Negotiators.

We further develop this with a reinforcement of the 10 Golden Rules and the tried and tested RDC Negotiation Planning Techniques to resolve commercial conflict whilst minimising financial discounts and maximising long term relationships.

The team we recently fielded to act as the antagonistic Purchasing Team included:

  • The VP of European IT Purchasing for an International Bank as ‘The Purchasing Director’
  • The CEO of a multi-Million Pound International retail software provider as ‘The Mis Director’
  • The recently retired head of kidnap and hostage training for the UK Military Police as ‘The CEO’

This team enacted their conflict laden positions for 2 days completely in character and only broke role to give valuable insights into the 6 attending Executives


Finance for Sales Managers

Our Finance for Sales Managers workshop enables salespeople to be more familiar with financial concepts and language so they can be fully confident and effective in selling from a financial perspective.

It also guides sales managers to master the relevant essentials of finance.  The workshop helps the whole team to build compelling business cases and present their benefits to Finance Directors, VPs and economic buyers.