Winning bids in the public sector

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Do you regularly sell to the public sector??? How successful are you???

Improve your chances of winning more business and understand your market place.

Due to the success of the last one day workshop in collaboration with Red Team Procurement we are pleased to announce another date for your diary. Red Team Procurement has been created by former procurement officers from the Government Procurement Service and the Crown Commercial Service. They offer unparalleled insight into the working of government procurement. They can also call on a wealth of experience of selling into that market and can offer a unique take on what actually works and what doesn’t from a practical sales perspective. They will help you deconstruct and optimize your selling approach. The cost of this workshop is an investment that will show significant return as you start to deploy a winning sales strategy with the Public Sector. The opportunities are immense so book now to open up this lucrative market.  

On this course
To Know:

  • Where to find opportunities
  • Who to talk to
  • Where to find information sources
  • How the public sector procurement process works
  • How to sell in to the public sector market
  • How to react to emerging public sector needs
  • How to bid successfully
  • When and how to challenge


Learning Objectives
  1. How to maximise your chances of submitting a winning bid
  2. How to structure your bid
  3. How to answer questions posed in the Invitation to Tender
  4. Better understand the complexities when bidding for public sector contracts
  5. How to utilise your public sector salesforce

Why attend?


The Public Sector spend around £200B a year on the procurement of goods and services. Virtually all of this is spent through a competitive bidding process that most firms find bureaucratic and confusing. Selling into this market is not straightforward and firms need to understand how to work with the grain of public procurement rules and regulations. There are some golden rules for optimizing your chances, kept secret by firms that have a track record of success, but available to all through a unique collaboration between the Resource Development Centre and Red Team Procurement Ltd. Red Team Procurement has brought together unrivalled expertise in public sector procurement and has a mission to fundamentally level the procurement playing field so that government buyers have greater choice. It does not matter if you are an SME or a start-up, there are things you can do to sell successfully into the Public Sector marketplace. This workshop will show what those are.