Transformational Account Development Planning

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Project Description

Account Planning is an essential part of managing your business relationships and creating growth.

This workshop shows how to create Transformational Account Development Plans which as the name suggest will transform your accounts to ensure that both you and your client get the most out of the relationship.

During this workshop we will analyse a real account that you are responsible for, and over the day help you devise plans and strategies to develop this account to it’s maximum potential.

You will leave with clear objectives on how to improve and grow your accounts moving forward in your FY14/15 planning.

What is a Transformational Account Development Plan (TADP)?

A TADP is built from six parts which we have developed to ensure that you can get the most from your account relationships. These are:

  1. Your vision for the account – This includes the target for the account and how you would like to get there
  2. Goals, Objectives, Strategies, Plans and Actions (GOSPA). This is a predefined and measured process of setting specific Goals and creating Objectives to achieve them
  3. Campaigns – The Key Strategies and the effect they will have on your account
  4. Contact Plan – including ‘C-Level’ contact planning and all engagements with the account
  5. Account GOSPA – individual GOSPA and target assurance planning for the account
  6. Purchasing Strategies – how this account buys and how this works for you

We use this methodology around the world on accounts worth billions and see excellent results from it every time.

Learning objectives:

  • Identify potential Transformation accounts for delivery in FY14/15
  • Understand the differences between transformational, strategic and transactional relationships
  • Engage with the RDC 6 Step Account Plan using a real account with FY14/15 transformational potential
  • Improve the due diligence and rigor in large account planning 
  • Ensure realistic, but ambitious FY14/15 account planning
  • Create, present and validate an FY14/15 TADP on identified large account

Why attend?

No matter how large or small your accounts are, you are expected to show growth year on year and develop these accounts further. This workshop will enable you to maximise each accounts’ true potential and enable you to achieve your targets.

This workshop is designed for all Regional/National/Key Account Managers, Sales Managers, Sales Directors and anyone involved with or responsible for any client accounts.