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The RDC Team bring you the latest workshop to survive overseas travel without being Taken, this is a workshop your life could depend on.

If you travel abroad for Business or for Personal reasons, you simply cannot ignore the risk that new, unknown or unstable countries, regimes and/or partisan factions bring.

Mugging, Car Jacking and even Kidnapping are rife in many areas of the world.

You could be TAKEN.

This could be for ransom, collateral or fundamentalist reasons.

Before you travel you need to know:

  • How to minimise your risk of being Taken
  • What to do if you are Taken
  • How to maximise your chances of Survival
  • How to behave during a mugging or car jacking

This one day workshop will also teach you fundamental skills in negotiation, communication and behavioral skills that can be used to your advantage in everyday life both in business and personal.

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Why attend?

Our experts have spent their careers studying the Psychology of Hostages and Hostage Takers and have negotiated some of the most high profile hostage releases in both friendly and hostile territories across the world.

We can teach you everything you need to know to minimise the chance of you being taken, what to do if the worst happens and how to survive the ordeal.

What price life? – Only you can decide

Can you afford NOT to attend?

This workshop can be adapted or used as an excellent team building day, unlike any you have experienced before.