Sales Calling 101

Project Info

Project Description

This course is a one day workshop aimed at the ‘uninitiated’ or the new sales person. It goes through the basics of selling giving excellent techniques and methods to give a strong foundation in how to sell successfully.

It then moves its focus onto telephone selling both inbound and outbound combining the ISMM QCF Level 2 Telesales framework with RDC Sales Boot Camp material.

The course covers:

  1. Preparation – aims and objectives of the call and the sales process
  2. Information gathering  using the information arc to establish facts and pain
  3. Building rapport- how to do it and how to use it
  4. Identifying requirements including Possible Pressure Points and Compelling Events
  5. Presenting Products using Benefit Selling and Value Proposition
  6. Listening skills – what people say and what they mean
  7. Handling Objections – Types and Styles of Objection
  8. Progressing the sale to a close

Learning Objectives:

  • Be able to prepare for the sales call
  • Be able to establish a rapport with the customer
  • Be able to identify customer requirements
  • Be able to present products/services to the customer
  • Be able to deal with sales objections by phone
  • Be able to progress the sale

Why attend?

This course will give you a great grounding in sales. At the end of it you will know the sales process and how the buyer actually buys. You will be able to sell over the phone, build value propositions, sell on benefits, handle objections and close deals.

This course is a must for all new sales people!