Sales Boot Camp

Sales Boot Camp

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This course is a one day workshop and is aimed at new and experienced sales people.

Practice makes permanent not perfect. You need to ensure what you do every day is right.  By attending this workshop you will have the confidence to deal with any challenge you may face when starting your role and more importantly give you the tools and knowledge to become a successful sales professional.

This workshop covers:

  1. Information gathering
  2. Commercial sales cycle
  3. The decision making unit
  4. Competition analysis
  5. Benefit selling
  6. Building a strong Value Proposition
  7. Handling Objections
  8. Closing Techniques

Learning objectives

  • Gain an excellent understanding of sales
  • Understand the customers purchasing plan
  • Establish methods to gather the right information from the customer
  • Understand the customers real buying motives
  • Establish a formula to create a value proposition
  • Explain the techniques available to handle objections and direct events to the delegate’s own advantage
  • Use various closing techniques to secure a deal