Sales 101

Project Info

Project Description

This workshop is a must for anyone who has just started in their role or looking to nail down the basics of the sales process and aid their development.

It has been specifically designed to cover a broad range of skills and techniques needed to engage with customers at all levels either face-to-face or via the telephone.

This one day workshop is a great introduction to the world of professional sales.

Course Outcomes

  1. Understand the sales process
  2. Be able to make a sales call
  3. Be able to move through the sales process
  4. Be able to establish a rapport with the customer
  5. Be able to identify customer requirements
  6. Identify signals and real meaning
  7. Be able to sell on value
  8. Be able to deal with sales objections
  9. Be able to close a deal

Learning Objectives

  • Introduce the Commercial Sales Cycle
  • Provide your team with enhanced sales skills for your products
  • Give them direction on how to improve their client Decision Making Unit (DMU) Analysis
  • Understand how to create a series of sales qualification questions
  • Understand the key objections and develop counters
  • Improve their sales campaign skills
  • Enhance their effectiveness and efficiency at opportunity qualification

Why attend?

Most new starters to sales will be drip fed information when their sales manager has the time, partnered up with an existing sales person in the team and then thrown in the deep end and expected to swim.

This one day workshop will give you all the tools, techniques and methodology to keep them afloat even in the most demanding sales environments. It will provide a good framework for further development and prevent any bad habits forming early on.