Qualification of Executive Promotion Potential

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Qualification of Executive Promotion Potential
Bratislava, Slovakia 2011

An example of our work in this area was for a client who is a multinational, multi-billion dollar software and services provider.  A new Sales Organisation was needed to take full advantage of changes in the market and to maximise returns through genuine 360 degree relationship management.  This required Sales Executives to be able to engage with customers and at the same time to matrix-manage across internal cross-lines of business.

We advised and supported these critical business changes, assessing and successfully developing the potential of Sales Executives to exert the necessary influence across multiple countries forming a $500m territory.  Our report to top management answered the following key questions about each of the identified executives:-

  • Is the executive credible and flexible,
  • Are they proactive in the management of their own careers,
  • What exceptional capabilities do they show in specific areas,
  • Do they have a good range and variety of skills in their tool-bag,
  • What sales methodologies and processes are they committed to,
  • Do they demonstrate the values, resilience and courage needed to fit the role,
  • Do they have the right personality to be an ambassador for the whole organisation.


References – RDC has a strict policy of complete confidentiality concerning its client’s operations, but is also pleased to have reached agreements with most of its clients who are willing to provide references.  If you wish, we can let you have the personal telephone numbers of senior Sales Executives in most parts of the world who will be happy to discuss how you could benefit, as they have, from RDC’s consultancy services.