Post-Merger Integration of Sales

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Post-Merger Integration of Sales
Paris, France 2013

In mergers and acquisitions, the change management challenge for Sales is often to avoid throwing the baby out with the bath-water!  We provide advice on how to retain existing profitable customers, while combining the best practices from the previous organisations with a fresh approach to Sales that will achieve the goals of the merger or acquisition.  This covers such topics as:

  • Communicating the change to customers,
  • Delivering the deals in the pipeline during the change,
  • Selecting Sales People for redundancy or redeployment,
  • Deciding who to keep and how to induct and develop them,
  • Assessing behaviour and driving the required new behaviours,
  • Committing to a consistent sales methodology, processes and rewards system.

An example of one of our engagements in this arena was a client who is a multinational engineering company who was taking over competitors and merging Sales Functions.  We advised on how best to create the new Sales Organisation from the top down and roll it out across all territories, while retaining key customers from the legacy organisations.

We were able to build a single sales ethos, with common processes that were replicated across various countries regardless of the scale of operations.  We implemented a consistent system for evaluation and reporting.  We also made recommendations on redundancy, redeployment and selection of key Sales People for development and career fast-tracking.

References – RDC has a strict policy of complete confidentiality concerning its client’s operations, but is also pleased to have reached agreements with most of its clients who are willing to provide references.  If you wish, we can let you have the personal telephone numbers of senior Sales Executives in most parts of the world who will be happy to discuss how you could benefit, as they have, from RDC’s consultancy services.