How to win deals and influence people

Project Info

Project Description

In this new workshop we will delve into the secrets used by hostage negotiators to establish a persons values and beliefs and their sub-conscious hooks and levers, to influence the decisions they make, and he’ll share them all with you.

Kevin will show you the art of persuasion, and the techniques to understand and establish hooks, levers, values, beliefs and commitment spirals. These skills combined will make sure you win better deals and more of them!


Kevin is the former head of the Grater Manchester Police Hostage Negotiation Unit. He has trained UK Police officers, UK Special Forces, United Nations, and a number of international police forces. He has himself successfully graduated from the FBI’s Hostage Negotiators training program in Quantico Virginia, something very few Negotiators outside of the FBI have achieved. Through his role as a Hostage Negotiator and a police leader Kevin has become an expert in the skills of listening, influencing, and leadership.

On this course
  • 1st Impressions
  • Groundwork
  • What is listening
  • Active listening – SMILES
  • Conversation Enablers
  • Great questioning
  • Understanding the true meaning of whats said
  • Using communication to understand the clients value
  • Influencing the deal
  • Killer timing
Learning Objectives
  1. Position a course of action as desirable using your client’s values and beliefs, rather than your own.
  2. Get information without asking questions.
  3. Amplify the power of your language.
  4. Deal with challenging people.
  5. Dismiss beliefs that have previously undermined you.
  6. Interpret the true significance of what’s being said.
  7. Test your hypothesis without offending the other person.
  8. Use the social rules we all abide by in conversation to your advantage.
  9. Build and gain trust and rapport, individually and as a team.
  10. Understand and establish hooks, levers, values, beliefs and commitment spirals
  11. Use these to influence the key decision makers and close the deal
  12. Win more deals!

Why attend?

Kevin will share his secrets, tips and tricks he has developed over a very successful and rewarding career. One based solely with ensuring he HAS to win his negotiations or the outcome could be literally fatal.

You will leave the workshop with an arsenal of new techniques and methods to enable you to influence the people you need to from a business and personal point of view. (Just don’t share what you learn with the other half)