Guerrilla Sales & Negotiation Skills

Project Info

Project Description

This is your chance to learn the ‘tricks of the trade’ so to say, and like guerrilla warfare our techniques will give you the edge in the battle against your competition bringing more success in the sales arena.

This one day workshop will look behind your role in sales and focus on the customers purchasing plan. Using the techniques of the RDC, this course shows how to move through the sales cycle and gather the right information you need to close the sale. More importantly to close the sale on the deal you want.

During the day we will look at the decision making unit and what makes them tick, how to question them to find out the facts and the pain they are feeling, ensuring you are able to build a winning value proposition

Ever get that phone call just asking for a price? Or the statement we can do a deal if the price is £xxx. We will show you how to counter this, handle any objections and negotiate the deal you want using our ‘jellyfish‘ model.



On this course
  • Commercial sales cycle
  • Fact and Pain questioning
  • The decision making unit
  • Competition analysis
  • Total Value Sale
  • Entering negotiations
  • Negotiating the right deal
  • Closing the sale


Learning Objectives
  1. Gain an excellent understanding of sales
  2. Understand the customers purchasing plan
  3. Establish a formula to create a value proposition
  4. Explain the techniques available to handle objections and direct events to the delegate’s own advantage
  5. Use various closing techniques to secure a deal
  6. Understand and use the RDC 10 Golden Rule of Negotiation
  7. Structure a negotiation


Why attend?

This workshop will give you the confidence to deal with any challenge you may face when starting your sales role and more importantly give you the tools and knowledge to become a successful sales professional.

It will provide an excellent framework for future development and structure your sales process for more efficient and effective deal qualification.

Knowing when to enter negotiations is key, understanding what to do in a negotiation is essential. This workshop provides an excellent opportunity to increase and improve every future negotiation.

Even if you are a seasoned pro, this workshop will take you through what you should be doing and not those bad habits and shortcuts you may have picked up on the way. It will certainly make you realise how much more you could be winning from your pipeline.