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Coaching & Mentoring
Dubai, UAE 2013

We provide a virtual ‘Sand-Box’ so that Sales Directors, Vice Presidents and Sales Executives can experiment with newly acquired skills in a non-threatening environment and plan how they will apply them in a real sales situation in your organisation.  We then mentor your executives in real deals using our technique called ‘Activity Based Coaching’ (ABC).

An example of a recent engagement in this area was for a client who is a world-renowned leader in software and services.  In one particular region, the client’s sales team had a run of bad luck and lost several key deals and was suddenly facing a huge gap between sales and the target.  This was particularly sensitive for the most senior sales executive in the region as he was being considered for a big promotion.

We facilitated an audit of the pipeline sales and simultaneously identified new potential opportunities that had not been considered previously.  To do this we applied the RDC ‘Sales Target Assurance Planning’ system (STAP) and then provided close coaching and mentoring.  The team was reinvigorated and surpassed the target – and the key promotion was achieved.


References – RDC has a strict policy of complete confidentiality concerning its client’s operations, but is also pleased to have reached agreements with most of its clients who are willing to provide references.  If you wish, we can let you have the personal telephone numbers of senior Sales Executives in most parts of the world who will be happy to discuss how you could benefit, as they have, from RDC’s consultancy services.