Advanced Negotiation skills

Advanced Negotiation

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Following on from our Negotiation 101 course – Advanced Negotiation skills re-visits some of the basics learned and build on them.

In this course we look at the RDC 10 Point Plan and how it is used to assure a win-win outcome. The course will also look at the Jellyfish model and how this ensures that you maintain the value in your deal.

This course is specifically designed to embed learned skills and test them in an adversarial environment.

Larger deals beget more complex negotiations, most of the time involving a group meetings and reviews. These need to be managed, structured and controlled to ensure the desired outcome. Your own “home team” roles also have to be clearly defined and adhered to and any sales ego suppressed – this is not selling.

On this course you will:

  • Prepare for and plan a live negotiation
  • Accept the necessity of preparation & practise use of the RDC negotiation planner
  • Identify the relevant techniques available to you to create better agreements with fewer expensive concessions.
  • Ensure a win-win outcome for you and the client
  • Achieve all of this within a reproducible negotiation framework and language adhering to the RDC 10 Golden Rules