2 Day Guerrilla Car Sales: Automotive Sales Success!

Project Info

Project Description


This workshop is a little different to the standard training courses for the motor trade.

It is a hybrid of all our wealth of experience at the Resource Development Centre in the business to business sector, combined with the knowledge and understanding from 15 years selling to the consumer.

Designed with the new starter in mind but this two day workshop will compliment any delegates existing skills and experience.

No matter what you are selling from a pair of trainers to a multi-million pound software solution the person buying from you will follow the same purchasing cycle. Normally in the motor industry we tend to think more about what you have available to sell to the customer and less about the customers’ real needs.

This workshop goes behind the scenes into the customers’ mind and looks at why they are buying and more importantly why they will by from you, today!

We focus on selling the total value of the vehicle and not on how much we have to give away to get a deal.

It will cover everything from meet & greet, body language, making appointments, part exchange appraisal, vehicle presentation and much more, right up to structuring the best deal using our proven business methodology and ‘Rules of Negotiation’.

It will look at the types and style of the objections you will get and how to overcome them, how to earn the right to ask for the business and closing the sale. Finally we cover negotiation in more detail, and how to achieve a win-win for you and the customer keeping them coming back year after year while still maintaining that all important profit margin.

Learning objectives:

  • Gain a basic understanding of sales
  • Understand the customers’ purchasing cycle
  • Outline differences between selling, buying and negotiating
  • To carry out an efficient and effective part exchange appraisal
  • Establish the customers real wants and needs
  • Carry out a detailed part exchange appraisal
  • Match vehicle features and benefits to customers needs
  • Carry out an efficient and effective vehicle presentation
  • Competition analysis
  • Explain the techniques available to handle objections and direct events to the delegates’ own advantage
  • Use various closing techniques
  • Create strategies to negotiate from a value proposition basis and deny discounts
  • Establish a company wide standard negotiation framework and language


Why attend?

This workshop is great for anyone new to the motor trade or sales in general.  It will build confidence and arm the delegate with the tools, techniques and knowledge to handle any customer and become a successful sales professional.

For more seasoned and tenured sales professionals it will act as a great refresher and will take you through what you should be doing and not those bad habits and shortcuts you’ve picked up on the way. It will certainly make you realise how much more you could be winning from your pipeline.