We have over 25 years experience working with the world’s biggest companies to provide better sales processes and results through a variety of methods and techniques

Training Solutions

We provide a range of training solutions through our bespoke workshops and can cater for any sales and management team. Get in touch with us to see how we can help to assure your sales targets

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Case Studies

Assess Performance and Potential of Sales People

Below the Executive level, we perform a wide range of assessments on Sales Teams and individuals. One example of a recent engagement was for a client who asked for our ‘Sales Needs Assessment Programme’ (SNAP) covering 200 Sales people in ten countries. Read more…

Post-Merger Integration of Sales

In mergers and acquisitions, the change management challenge for Sales is often to avoid throwing the baby out with the bath-water! We provide advice on how to retain existing profitable customers, while combining the best practices from the previous organisations with a fresh approach to Sales that will achieve the goals of the merger or acquisition. Read more

Coaching and Mentoring

We provide a virtual ‘Sand-Box’ so that Sales Directors, Vice Presidents and Sales Executives can experiment with newly acquired skills in a non-threatening environment and plan how they will apply them in a real sales situation in your organisation. We then mentor your executives in real deals using our technique called ‘Activity Based Coaching’ (ABC). Read more

Qualification of Executive Promotion Potential

An example of our work in this area was for a client who is a multinational, multi-billion dollar software and services provider. A new Sales Organisation was needed to take full advantage of changes in the market and to maximise returns through genuine 360 degree relationship management. Read more

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We have experience with 1000’s of sales professionals around the world. If you want to achieve more then we can help .