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Sales Target Assurance Planning – Online Course


Sales Target Assurance Planning – Online Course


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Sales Target Assurance Planning (STAP) presents sales individuals, sales teams and line Directors with “one view of the truth” from planning and agreeing appropriate targets, disseminating the tasks and milestones in order to achieve them, and providing a framework within which to monitor progress.


“To this day those same processes and methodologies are still in use and I would recommend the services of the RDC to anyone looking to manage sales people more effectively, improve sales revenue and at the same time gain and keep long term happy customers.” Version One


Our STAP methodology is being used in some of the worlds largest and most successful companies and we recently delivered this to a team of 400 people globally, to assure their multi-billion dollar target in software sales.

This online course is the tip of the iceberg and will be fully backed up over the next 12 months with Virtual Coach as a resource tool and support mechanism, enabling continued development within your team.

This course covers:

  • Introduction to STAP
  • Sales Target Assurance Planning
  • Contracted and Assured
  • Contracted but in Jeopardy
  • New Business Identified
  • Ansoff’s Grid for New Business
  • New Business not yet Identified
  • Target Assurance Matrix: Live Example
  • Goals Explained
  • Prioritised Goals
  • Objective Measurement of Goals
  • Key Strategies for Achieving the Objectives
  • GOSPA Review Timetable
  • Overall Conclusion to Sales Target Assurance Planning

Learning Objectives:

  • Introduce STAP, its Philosophy and Methodology
  • Create Sales Target Assurance Plan for all attendees
  • Validate and amend STAP and create valid plans to ensure achievement
  • Identify contingency strategies for security of achievement
  • Ensure succession planning for individuals, teams and accounts

Why buy?

By taking this course and using Virtual Coach you will assuredly hit your sales target. It’s as simple as that.

Ensuring you hit your target has a direct monetary value for you and so take a moment to think about what this is. It might be more commission, higher recognition and praise or ensuring your company can trade for another year.

Ask yourself:
• Did I hit my sales target last year?
• Could I have aimed higher and achieved more?
• If you missed your target how much was it by and what is it worth to you to close that gap?
• Are you and your team on target for this year and what is it worth to you to ensure that your meet target?

Sales Target Assurance Planning will mean that you can simply answer ‘Yes’ to the first question every year. You will be able to plan to hit your target and set out key strategies to ensure that you do so.

What you get for your money:

  1. Access to all of our online course for one month
  2. Secure and private online access for 1 month
  3. Step by step video tutorials
  4. 1 month personal tutor support
  5. STAP Implementation tool

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