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Sales Boot Camp – Online Course

Sales Boot Camp

Sales Boot Camp – Online Course


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This Course comprises of a series of videos created with Alan McCarthy the head coach of RDC. It looks at:

  • Gathering information, the questions you need to ask and how to use the answer. For this we use our Information Arc process
  • We’ll then move on to the actual interface with the client and look at how to build rapport. We’ll look at what rapport is, how to get it and what to do with it once you have it.
  • We’ll then consider the thorny subject of handling objections. We’ll look at the four types of objection you will get, their styles and how to overcome each one.
  • Finally we’ll look at closing the deal. How to use the information you have, the rapport you have built and objections that have come up in the sales process, to move the deal towards a close.

What we don’t cover in this course are more complex parts of the sale process such as:

  • competition analysis,
  • the decision making unit,
  • and qualifying a deal

as these are covered in the Sales Qualification module in the virtual coach.

This workshop covers:

  1. Overview and Contents
  2. The Information Arch
  3. Getting The Facts
  4. The Pain
  5. Building Rapport
  6. Handling Objections – The 4 Types and Styles
  7. Overcoming Objections
  8. Closing the deal

What you get for your money

  1. Access to all of our online course for one month
  2. Secure and private online access for 1 month
  3. Step by step video tutorials
  4. 1 month personal tutor support

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