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Negotiation Basics- Online Course

Negotiation 101 - Online Course

Negotiation Basics- Online Course


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Negotiation is a core part of business, yet it is rarely discussed in isolation and almost always confused with selling.

A solid negotiator will maximise opportunities for their company. As negotiation specialists we have personally arbitrated high stakes deals for the past 30 years. We break the fundamentals of negotiation down, and then work through the different elements – we can insure that whatever your starting point, we can take you to another level.


“Metaphorically speaking, if you put Alan in a tank with a Great White Shark, the shark wouldn’t last 2 minutes in the negotiation…” SAP


On this course:

  • An Introduction to Negotiation
  • Introduce and explain the 10 Rules of negotiation
  • The 10 Rules of Negotiation – each Rule has its own short video and explanation making it is easy to understand and ensuring the underlying principle is made clear.
  • The 5 Phases of Negotiation – again each Phase has its own short video and explanation to explain the underlying principle and guide the user through the negotiation process
  • Phase 1 – Planning
  • Phase 2 – Discussion
  • Phase 3 – The Proposal
  • Phase 4 – Trade
  • Phase 5 – Agree and Confirm
  • A key understanding of the principles of negotiation
  • Examples and explanations highlighting how each of the parts is applicable and how the participant might have experienced something similar

Why buy?

This workshop is a must for anyone involved in negotiation on any level.

The first rule of negotiation is “Don’t Negotiate”. However if you are forced to break this rule then you should ensure that when you do negotiate you win.

Ask yourself:
•”Do I sell on price?”
•”Do I give discounts?”
•”Do I sometimes give concessions to get a deal?”
•”Do customers ask me for more?”
•”Do I sometimes come away from a deal thinking ‘Was there a better deal I could have got’?”

If you can answer ‘yes’ to any of these question then our Introduction to Negotiation course will help you to make better deals and close them at the value you want.

If you go through this course and apply the techniques you will see a full return on you investment and you will be a better sales person.

What you get for your money:

  1. Access to all of our online course for one month
  2. Secure and private online access for 1 month
  3. Step by step video tutorials
  4. 1 month personal tutor support
  5. Jellyfish Implementation tool

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