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Qualification Excellence- Online Course

Qualification Techniques

Qualification Excellence- Online Course


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“Lessons learnt – from a Master… Sales qualification put attention on the customer; their demands, their fears, their hopes – and more importantly, where they spent their money; results being bigger deals with more value to the client. MICROSOFT UK


Qualifying an opportunity is the very first step to understanding if it will become a sale or not. Looking back through your ‘Closed-Lost’ opportunities and really analysing them it is likely you will find that at least 50% were lost as they were not properly qualified at the first point of contact.

Understanding the Sales Process and understanding what the client is looking for and how they buy will give you the basis of a successfully engagement at every sales meeting increasing your close rate and meeting your quotas.

The benefits of good sales qualification are:

  1. More sales
  2. Less time wasted on opportunities that never become sales

This Advanced Sales and Qualification course is focused on developing successful qualification methods that will yield immediate results. With information and techniques that will be valuable to seasoned professionals as well as new sales recruits, this course will address components such as time efficiency, obstacles and personal development.

The course content has been tried and tested by some of the worlds’ best sales professionals and uses proven methodology and techniques to ensure you have a winning formula when qualifying your clients’ needs and wants.

We encourage you to use information on your current deals so you can analyse ‘real-deal’ strategies to winning your own business.

On this course:

  • An in depth look at the Win More Sales model
  • How to go through the purchasing plan
  • A review of the Decision Making Unit
  • Motives for buying
  • True competitor analysis
  • Creating a winning value proposition

Why buy?

If you find you are only selling on price and having to discount to close the deal then you are not finding the real reasons behind the sale, what the customer really wants and how much it’s costing them to not buy from you. These are vital elements in the sales process and this workshop will show you how to create a value proposition based on the information your own client gives you.

It will ensure you are generating ‘the right’ to ask for the sale by obtaining the clients trust as you are there to solve their pain, and not just for your pocket.

The cost of this course will be covered in full just from the first deal you do using our techniques, so buy now to avoid any further deals being done purely on how much you can give away.

What you get for your money

  1. Access to all of our online course for one month
  2. Secure and private online access for 1 month
  3. Step by step video tutorials
  4. 1 month personal tutor support
  5. Qualification Analysis Implementation tool

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