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Negotiation Planning – Online Course

Advanced Negotiation

Negotiation Planning – Online Course


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When looking at negotiation you need more than just a quick mind, you also need to understand your wants and needs and what questions are important when you make contact with the other party.

There is a paradox that amateur negotiators don’t know what they should be doing through lack of experience, but experienced negotiators don’t do what they should be doing as they often think they don’t need to do the basics anymore, and consequently they lose deals because of it!

Advanced Negotiation provides a structured framework to plan for any negotiation and create sound proposals using the ‘Jellyfish’ model which ensure that you will ALWAYS resolve conflict with a Win-Win outcome.

This module has an implementation tool which will help users to create, manage and maintain a ’10 Point Plan’ for negotiation allowing users to immediately start using the methods they learn.

On this course:

  • Introduction
  • What is negotiation and why do we do it?
  • Alternative conflict resolution strategies
  • Negotiation mantras
  • Planning introduction
  • The 10 point plan – Step 1 – What are the issues?
  • Step 2 – Related interests
  • Step 3 – Wants and Needs Analysis
  • Step 4 – Common Ground
  • Step 5 – Power Base
  • Step 6 – Information we need
  • Step 7 – Information we hold
  • Step 8 – The Negotiation Team
  • Step 9 – Their Team
  • Step 10 – The 3TQ
  • The Jellyfish
  • Summary

Why buy?

The return on investment for building good negotiation skills is a simple and straight forward principle:

  1. Good negotiators will win more deals
  2. The deals will be better

By completing our Negotiation modules and using our implementation tools you will become a better negotiator. Its as simple as that!

The Advanced Negotiation module provides 18 step-by-step video tutorials covering the Negotiation Mantras, Alternatives to Negotiation, Building a 10 Point Plan and building proposals using the ‘Jellyfish’ model and includes explanatory text for each one.

What you get for your money:

  1. Access to all of our online course for one month
  2. Secure and private online access for 1 month
  3. Step by step video tutorials
  4. 1 month personal tutor support
  5. Jellyfish Implementation tool

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