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Sales Management Audit
London, 2013

Our Sales Management Audit involves a wide-ranging, comprehensive review of all aspects of your Sales Function.  It is more common for clients to specify which areas they want us to focus on, rather than request the broad management audit, but this has been necessary for example when clients have experienced major changes in the marketplace, or want to expand from a single country into the international business community.  Typical objectives for the Sales Management Audit are to assess the extent to which:

  • The business accountabilities of the Sales Division are clearly defined in writing and that the Division reports to a Director or Vice President whose level ensures a realistic sales strategy, which is consistent with corporate objectives.
  • The organisation and structure of the Sales Division is best suited to the competing needs of different product lines, distribution points and any regional or vertical customer categories.
  • The boundaries between the Sales Division and all other Divisions of the organisation provide an efficient and effective environment in which to achieve maximum sales.
  • The Division’s recruitment policy attracts Executives and Staff with appropriate experience, proven management and selling skills and a record of success in related markets or products.
  • Personnel are properly inducted, trained and supervised and are able to maintain or improve their skills and techniques, together with their market and product knowledge.
  • There is a fair and formal system of allocating individual objectives and targets, together with a system for Sales Executives to monitor actual performances and to take corrective action when required.
  • The Division’s system of incentives and rewards for success is actually generating the required level of sales and meeting profit targets.
  • The Division has adequate written standards covering its sales methodology, techniques and documentation, which help ensure the efficient operation of all its activities.
  • There are written procedures for Sales planning, forecasting and analysis of results, and that these procedures remain pertinent and are adhered to in practice.
  • The Administrative and Support functions are providing an effective framework in which the Sales Division’s objectives are being met efficiently.

References – RDC has a strict policy of complete confidentiality concerning its client’s operations, but is also pleased to have reached agreements with most of its clients who are willing to provide references.  If you wish, we can let you have the personal telephone numbers of senior Sales Executives in most parts of the world who will be happy to discuss how you could benefit, as they have, from RDC’s consultancy services.