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Selling The Ultimate Product – YOU!

Making consistent sales is one of the most important components of a business’s survival in the market. While naturally there are other components to making a business successful, having a sales team or sales person that is a great salesman/woman is vital. There are many sales people in the world today. Actually, everybody sells something…whether...
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Watch out for the salami

Rule #8 from the RDC 10 Golden Rules of Negotiation. In 3 mins 58 seconds you will see one of the biggest mistakes most people make when negotiating. Make sure you don’t get caught out by watching this short video as Alan McCarthy explains Rule #8  

Why hold sales training off-site?

As VPs of Sales and Sales Training Directors think about the sales training to achieve their 2015 sales goals, many decisions need to be made: ranging from what the sales training will cover – to how it’s delivered (online or face-to-face or blended) – to when the sales training will be conducted – to how...
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Key/Strategic Account Development

This video blog introduces the RDC 6 Point plan for getting the most from your key/strategic account relationships. The methodology will ensure long lasting, profitable and efficient relationships with your accounts ensuring both yours and your clients goals can be achieved. In this short video Alan McCarthy offers an overview of the 6 Points and...
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Secrets of Master Negotiation

Negotiation – “The Resolution of Conflict by Mutual Compromise“ The conflict might be price, delivery or packaging and most people believe that they know how to negotiate. That is, to achieve their own WIN whilst aiming for a necessary mutual win for the Other Party. But do you know how the Masters think? The Top...
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The Top 1%

Most of us drive a car, and I’m sure we all believe we drive reasonably, or even very well. So what do the racing drivers like Michael Schumacher or Sebastian Vettel do to put them in the Top 1% of their profession? The top 1% of any profession don’t only do things better than the...
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Myth Busting!

Myth Busting with a former Hostage Negotiator, Richard Mullender. After military service and time in the private sector, Richard Mullender joined the Metropolitan police. He worked as a detective investigating serious crimes. Then one life-changing day he trained to become a hostage negotiator. His skills were so well regarded that he was appointed Lead Trainer at Scotland...
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5 Common Mistakes in contact planning!

When looking at account management and development we all have (or should have!) a contact plan. This can be simple or complex, but generally includes a list of people within an account that we want to talk to. However there are common mistakes that we make when contact planning that means that we don’t get...
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Can Sales ‘speak’ Finance?

Presenting Financial Information Very often, salespeople need to present financial data – and all too often to an audience where most people seem to have the word ‘Finance’ in their job title.  An extra challenge may be that the audience comprises a few finance professionals plus people from different disciplines who may not use the...
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